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Sole Premise Tumbled Luciano Leather Michael Jordan Custom Backpack

Sole Premise Tumbled Luciano Leather Michael Jordan Custom Backpack

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Tami Jo Urban

Acrylic on leather

Authentic Sole Premise Tumbled Luciano Leather Sneaker Backpack upcycled with hand-painted customizations.

Enter the world of athleticism and style with a custom hand-painted Sole Premise Tumbled Luciano Leather sneaker backpack that pays homage to the legendary Michael Jordan. Crafted by visionary artist Tami Jo Urban, this backpack transcends conventional accessories, merging the iconic imagery of Air Jordan sneakers with the practicality of a sleek and modern backpack design.

The backpack features Jumpman 23 in his iconic "Banned" Jordan 1 Chicago High-tops meticulously painted with intricate details that mirror the distinct elements of Jordan's signature shoes. Every brushstroke captures the essence of Jordan's unparalleled legacy in the world of basketball and fashion.

The artist's skillful handiwork transforms the backpack into a wearable masterpiece, incorporating the sleek lines and vibrant colors reminiscent of Jordan's iconic footwear. The white sneaker backpack serves as both a functional accessory and a tribute to Jordan's impact on sports and sneaker culture.

Carrying this custom creation is not just about utility; it's a statement—a fusion of sportsmanship, style, and individuality. It encapsulates the essence of Michael Jordan's influence on and off the court, inviting admirers to embrace the spirit of greatness and determination associated with the basketball legend. This hand-painted sneaker backpack stands as a testament to the fusion of athleticism and fashion, allowing enthusiasts to express their admiration for Jordan's legacy while making a bold fashion statement.

The customization features industry-standard high-quality leather paints and scratch-resistant sealers to extend the longevity of your item. Please treat your wearable art with care.

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