Tami Jo Urban
Tami Jo Urban aka The Urban Machine

Born in Detroit, Michigan and now living in South Florida, I am an artist, biomedical illustrator and tattooist. The Urban Machine is my brand.

As an artist, my passion lies in the realm of creating and customizing accessories, transforming ordinary items into unique pieces of art. My aesthetic and creativity flourish as I envision and craft bespoke accessories, infusing them with my personal style and innovative designs. Whether it's hand-painted purses, sneakers, books or clothes, each creation reflects my artistic expression and attention to detail. I revel in the process of bringing ideas to life, utilizing various materials, colors, and textures to produce one-of-a-kind accessories that stand out and resonate with individuality. My dedication to craftsmanship and love for customization shine through in every piece, inviting others to embrace and celebrate the beauty of wearable art.


I work with an arsenal of subjects and media. Passion for the process drives me. An Illustrator at heart, I cast my pieces with a hyper-detailed protagonist caught in time and space with minimal environment. Understated elegance is my magic. By deconstructing and rebuilding elements on a singular level in my art I study how the Universe fits everything together. Limitless, relentless and unapologetic, I create because I can.


Render captured time in exquisite detail untouchably rooted in the tension between suspense and chaos immersing the audience in inspiration, curiosity and desire to be a part of the magic.


Bring the magic of understated elegance to the lives, spaces and wardrobes of those who command a higher standard; the ordinary becomes extraordinary.