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The Urban Machine

Coach Snoopy Flying Ace Custom Leather Purse

Coach Snoopy Flying Ace Custom Leather Purse

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Tami Jo Urban

Acrylic on leather

Authentic Coach genuine leather purse upcycled with hand-painted customizations.

Imagine a stunning hand-painted Coach purse that captures the whimsical essence of Snoopy as the legendary World War I Flying Ace and his sidekick Woodstock. This extraordinary accessory is a fusion of style and nostalgia, where the classic sophistication of a Coach purse meets the timeless charm of Peanuts' beloved character.

Skillfully handcrafted by talented artist Tami Jo Urban, this purse showcases a meticulously detailed portrayal of Snoopy donning his iconic aviator helmet and scarf, ready to take flight atop his Sopwith Camel. The design elegantly wraps around the purse, showcasing Snoopy's adventurous spirit and endearing determination as the Flying Ace.

Vivid colors and precise brushstrokes bring Snoopy's adventurous escapades to life, adding a playful yet sophisticated touch to the luxurious Coach purse. Each stroke of the paintbrush reflects the artist's dedication to capturing Snoopy's essence while honoring the purse's high-quality craftsmanship. This hand-painted masterpiece is more than just an accessory; it's a functional work of art that seamlessly blends fashion and nostalgia, inviting admirers to embrace the whimsy and charm of Snoopy's daring adventures with every step they take.

The customization features industry-standard high-quality leather paints and scratch-resistant sealers to extend the longevity of your item. Please treat your wearable art with care.

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