Ohuhu Paint Pens

Ohuhu Paint Pens

If I want to relax, I draw. If I want to stress myself out, I paint. This has been my experience until acrylic paint markers shifted the paradigm. Don't get me wrong, I love to create in general. I definitely favor the precision and tedium of pencils and pens (yes, Virgo) over the chaos and re-loading of brushes and palette knives. As a customs artist, I reach for Ohuhu's Acrylic Paint Pens to get the job done. They are great for the entire process but shine in the arena of tightening up details. I can get the fine push and pull of shadows and highlights on the various accessories, clothing and housewares (to name a few) that I deface. I mean decorate.

I purchased this set from Amazon specifically because of the refillable feature. The simple and effective technology packed into thise pens expands their functionality. In my opinion, the value of this product is well beyond the ticket price.

What does all of this look like? Show 'em, Jumpman.

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