Dot Grid Journal: The OG Influencers on Amazon

Dot Grid Journal: The OG Influencers on Amazon

In 2006 I was initiated into the Lukumi faith as a Santera of Yemoja Mayelewo, Oni Oni. To date, this has been the most profound and self-enriching thing I have ever done. The artwork featured on this journal pays tribute to the three pillar female Orishas: Oya, Yemoja and Oshun. The original was featured in the exhibition Divine Feminine at Arts Garage in Delray Beach, Florida. Whether or not you practice Santeria, you will feel the power of these entities in nature, humanity and your own sub-conscious.

There are multiple mental-health benefits to journaling. I write daily. That's why I developed a line of dot-grid journals with covers featuring my original art. I modeled the manuscript after my format of choice. The journals are available in hardcover and paperback exclusively at Amazon! My goal with this series of books is to help you find yourself through self-exploration and documentation of thought. Record and recognize your patterns. Your greatest investment is in yourself. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Dot Grid Journal: The OG Influencers on Amazon on Amazon

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