Dot Grid Journal: Byakkotai on Amazon

Dot Grid Journal: Byakkotai on Amazon

Byakkotai is the product of downtime while at my boutique speakeasy tattoo studio The Urban Machine in Miami's graffiti-rich Wynwood District. I have since moved on from that location, but my practice persists. And once again my headliner is a noble tiger. The story begins with my self-dubbed title "Creative Ninja." Upon further research I discovered Ninjas, cool as they may be, are like 99¢ hit-men, taking on any contract they are presented with for just about any compensation. The noble and protectors of nobility are samurais. I upgraded my resume to "Creative Samurai" before settling upon "Creative Sophisticate." The Byakkotai, or "White Tiger Unit," was a group of around 305 young teenage samurai of the Aizu Domain, who fought in the Boshin War (1868–1869) on the side of the Tokugawa shogunate. I am white, I love tigers, I kill it in my studio and Miami is famously known as "The 305." Read more about this band of young soldiers on Wikipedia.

My Samurai Tiger serves in the home of a tattoo client whose tattoo was completely unrelated. He saw my alarmingly meticulous drawing and had to have it. Mission accomplished.

There are multiple mental-health benefits to journaling. I write daily. That's why I developed a line of dot-grid journals with covers featuring my original art. I modeled the manuscript after my format of choice. The journals are available in hardcover and paperback exclusively at Amazon! My goal with this series of books is to help you find yourself through self-exploration and documentation of thought. Record and recognize your patterns. Your greatest investment is in yourself. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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