Dot Grid Journal: Bike Me on Amazon

Dot Grid Journal: Bike Me on Amazon

Where my BMXers at? This is a true throwback piece from 1996. I remember sitting on my mom's couch with my 20-inch Diamondback Reactor positioned in front of me. My substrate was a cold-press toothy paper and my pencils ranged from 6H to 6B plus Ebony because black is not black enough. I was using one of those blonde wooden TV trays from Kmart (or similar). We did everything on this folding desk technology: smashed toes, pinched fingers and most importantly kept from actually having to talk to each other during dinner.

I was a tall girl, so at 22 years old and 5'10", my BMX bike and I were somewhat unmatched. I'm more than twice that age now, same height (thankfully) and still whipping on 20-inch blades.

There are multiple mental-health benefits to journaling. I write daily. That's why I developed a line of dot-grid journals with covers featuring my original art. I modeled the manuscript after my format of choice. The journals are available in hardcover and paperback exclusively at Amazon! My goal with this series of books is to help you find yourself through self-exploration and documentation of thought. Record and recognize your patterns. Your greatest investment is in yourself. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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